Hello everybody, I am Minto. I am six ft tall, average physical structure. I am changing the names in this true story for obvious reason. It happened when I was 21 yrs old. I used to study in a public University. As my father died at my young age, my financial condition was not satisfactory at all. I was a private tutor for a ninth grader girl and a third grader boy. The girl’s name was Priya. Her father used to work as an engineer in a Middle Eastern country. He used to visit his family every year. In exchange of my service I was allowed to stay in their outhouse.

The girl was short but pretty. She was skinny but had unusually big and firm swinging boobs. Her sweet face, big eyes, small round ass and orange flake lips did not attract much attention, as her pair of boobs did. I was pretty innocent at the beginning. She was almost my younger sister’s age. I tried not to stare at her chest but, sometime I could not help myself. She was generally smart but not too bright in her study. Occasionally I used to scold her to make her pay attention to the study. Priya tried to divert my attention on those upsetting moment by revealing her upper body to me.

By that time probably she was affirmed my weakness towards her boobs. She used to smile and leave a couple of her kamiz button open for me. In few instances, she used to leave her left breast on the table corner, open; while leaning towards me on her both elbows. My body used to stiffen, a swift current used to flow over my whole body with an erection. After all I was a young man, I started to get closer to her. I thought, I was being attracted to her but, I was wrong. In few occasion, I tried to indirectly touch her boobs and ass pretending as an accident. She promptly pushed me away.

Once, she reminded me, what was trying to catch was beyond my reach. Because, I was just a private tutor. I was pretty upset and started to look for retribution. I had the chance pretty soon. It was around nine in the evening. Her younger brother had cold and fever. Her mother was sleeping upstairs with him.Priya left her school bag next to my chair. I was dictating her an essay. I suddenly could see a cd in her bag. Just out of curiosity, I looked at it. It was a an ‘X’ rated movie. I grabbed the bag on my lap and asked her about the cd. Priya got frozen.

Her face was pale. I asked her to go upstairs and call her mother, I needed to talk to her. Priya started to cry. She pleading me not to tell her mother or uncle. I was determined to show her. She came over to me and tussled with me for the bag. In the process of doing so, I had to touch her boobs many times with my hand and elbow. She hugged my legs couple of times, holding my knee. I said if she did not call her mom, I would call her mobile. She reluctantly went upstairs, came back after a while and said her mother was in deep sleep with her brother.

I could talk to her the next day. She was in tears. She sobbed, in advertently held my hand and said, once I wanted to touch her boobs, I could do it now ,for a moment. But urged me to give her cd back and not to tell mom about it. I was upset. I told her,”Listen young lady, I am from a conservative family. You guys might have money but won’t be able to buy my social status.” Priya grabbed my waist with one hand, held my left hand with the other and placed it on her amazing left boob on top of her t shirt over my shoulder.

She asked my forgiveness, if I felt insulted by her remarks, the other day. I probably stopped breathing for a moment, by the amazing heavenly touch in my left palm. I started to squeeze it slowly. She was shivering.I was exited like a bull. She was a little girl for me, I lifted her like a child. I placed her on my lap and started to squeeze her boobs, kiss her neck. I tried to lift her t shirt, she was holding me back. She could not stop my hands entering under her bra. Holly molly, it was breathtaking. I wasn’t able to hold the massive coconuts by my single palms. I was pressing her hard.

She was moaning loudly. I turned her around and sucked her lips and tongue. She was sucking my lips back. She held my neck tight ,rubbed her face on my chest and bare breasts on my belly. I had sexual experience earlier, I was going crazy. I placed her one hand on my throbbing cock. She was reluctant to hold or squeeze it. I was so daring, It never even crossed my mind that her mom and baby brother were upstairs. We could get caught. I laid her down on the table and started to suck her one nipple and pinch the other. I placed my hand on her pussy, she removed it.

I was madly sucking and softly biting her breasts. I felt she started to enjoy it. When I squeezed her cunt next time, she did not hold me back. She rather pressed my hand on it. She was running her hand all over me, found my dick and held it tight with passion. I pulled her back on my laps. She was kissing my prick over my pajama .I pushed my pajama back, she held my shaft with her both hands, kissed on it, rubbed her face from top to bottom. I held her head by hair and tried to push my prick in her mouth. She was hesitating.

She started to suck the top. I pushed a good length of it in her mouth and show her how to suck it. She was gagged for few seconds but she was fast learner. In few minutes she was efficiently sucking me like a bitch. She was enjoying sucking it, but tears were rolling down from her eyes. In few minutes, I was on the verge to explode. I asked her, whether she was willing to eat my’makkon’! She said, she had seen couple of porn movies with her friends. I could cum on her face and boobs. She said, she would never be able to take my hot rod in her young pussy, she would definitely die, if she did. I was fucking her mouth with force, with few deep and long stroke

I erupted inside her mouth like a volcano. She was bound to swallow couple of spurts at the beginning and spilled the rest on her face and boobs. She was gagged and trying to throw up. I held her mouth to stop further noise. I grabbed a towel from the nearby bathroom. I held her on my lap like a baby and wiped her face and massive boobs off. She was hugging me, hiding her face on my chest. There were some movements upstairs. We reluctantly had to dress up. We had to disperse our own ways in half an hour.Even though I had her in my arm but I was dying to crush her tender pussy with my pole.

I was looking for the opportunity. Finally I was able to fulfill my desire. Once, Priya’s school was closed unscheduled for a teacher’s death. She called my mobile to pick her up, if I had time. She wanted to go to the shopping mall to buy something. I skipped one of my class and picked her up. I asked her, could we go somewhere else instead of shopping. I wanted to go to my old bachelor’s quarter to spend some time alone. Priya told me she could pay for a hotel room, if I let her sleep placing her head on my chest for couple of hours.

She asked me, not to try to have sex with her. I smiled and agreed. When we reached our room, I asked her to take her tops off. I just wanted to feel her boobs on my chest. We laid on the bed and held each other tight. Her massive breasts crushed on my chest. I started to fondle her boobs. She held my face and hands. I said, I would not do anything else beside kissing her body. I started to suck her big nipples. She was moaning loudly. I was softly biting her breasts. I leaned on her kissed and licked her navel and belly bottom.

She was pressing my face on her crotch and groaning with high ecstasy. I lifted her skirt and pushed back her panty. She said,’no’and held her both hands on her pussy. I was kissing and licking her thighs and all over her groin area. She was shivering and growling with a sweet pain. She eventually gave up her grip on her triangular heaven. I spread legs and started to lick, suck and softly bite her amazing light haired pussy. She clapped her legs crossed on my back, squeezing my head. I was sucking her pussy lips and clitoris vigorously.

In few minutes, she flooded my face with her musky juice. I pushed my dick in her mouth and asked her to suck deep. In five minutes I pulled her tender little ass on my thighs and positioned myself in between her legs. Priya started to cry. She was scared and said, she was not going to take that massive pole in her little pussy hole. I consoled her that it was going to hurt a bit and possibly bleed a little but, once it inside I could guarantee, she would enjoy it. She held me tight and asked me to promise her that, I would marry her. I said my promise was not good enough.

Her parents would not agree because I was not wealthy like them. She kissed me and said, she wished to sleep in my arm for the rest of her life. I parted her pussy lips and placed the tip of my dick in her very little hole. I wrapped her legs around my waist. I started to suck her lips and tongue and pushed my dick in with a gentle thrust. She made a noise aahhhhhh. I pulled my dick back. I rubbed it, in and out few times and pushed it hard. She cried out in my mouth. I was half way.

I pulled it back again, rubbed in and out few more times and gave her a grand push. I felt like I tear her pussy walls with crushing force. I paused for a few seconds. She was crying with pain. I slowly started to pump her. I was sucking cheeks, throat and lips, pinching her nipples. In about five minutes her pussy hole got little easier for me. I was stroking her slow but steady. Priya stopped her crying. Her grip on me was tighter. She obviously started to like it. I was squeezing her ass and pumping her. I looked at her pussy and ass. I was amazing.

Her pussy entrance to her waistline in the back, was a short space to me. I did not know where she was accommodating my massive cock. God gave a special strength to the women. She was too small for me. I was not able to properly suck her nipples, while I was stroking. I had to stretch myself hard to do so.
Priya was holding my waist like crazy. In about ten minutes, her pussy muscle around my dick started to tighten up. I felt, he was getting more intimate to me and drenched my shaft with her musky juice. I asked her, where she wanted my cum. She said, inside her hot cunt.

I asked when did she had her menstrual period. She said, she supposed to have it in a couple of days. By that, I was sure, it was safe time. With few long stroke, I sprayed my hot luva at the bottom of her womb. She held me on top of her for few minutes. She did not let me fuck her anymore. Like I promised, I let her sleep naked placing her head on my chest more than an hour. Priya was not interested in sex.

She was emotional. She always wanted to hold me, sleep on my arm. Most of the time she had sex with me, just to make me happy. She used to sleep deep, on top of me holding my dick in between her thighs. Once, she had her men’s, but still slept on top of me few hours in the outhouse. Even though her mom was sleeping next door, she locked her door and came to me. Later I had a scholarship for phd abroad. When I returned home she got married.

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