This is an episode that happened 12 years back. Why am I telling it now? I am new to this site. Few years back, I uploaded this episode on desi baba, but looks like that site is closed now. Now I have a lot of sexual desires which I will try to fulfill through this site. (If it lasts long enough….). Now on to the episode…

I had joined this company newly. The staff sex ratio was 4 guys to 3 females. Of the 4 guys, two of them were pushing 40 years age and one of them was an office assistant. So that left 2 of us in the fray effectively, both of us in mid twenties. Amazingly, 2 of the females were hot and the third was subdued. My incidents happened with the third one. The 2 hot females used to bend down to pick up either a stapler or a paper clip or anything without minding the exposure of their cleavage.

They both were normally dressed in salwar kameez and they would leave their duppata on their chairs. Since I was new in the company, I was a little inhibitions, but would catch on every opportunity to see their cleavage. I still can recollect the color of their skin around their boobs and the white brassieres they used to wear. What a sight! Let me come to the third girl, Rama. She was in her late 20′s and was always dressed in a saree. After seeing the two other girls, she was very “orthodox” should I say?

She was a receptionist and hence was away from direct sight most of the time. But whenever she would come in to take my manager’s approval, we all used to tease her. She was short, 5″2′ but had nice arse and very protruding boobs. I would particularly watch her on her way back since that gave the left side view of her and better view of her assets above her waist. After sometime, she noticed me watching her view and would purposely wait and talk to the other two females in a position that I could have the full view of her boob.

She would also place her hand on her hip so that the view was fuller. Whenever she had some work with me, she would come on my right side. So I could have a closer look at her milk factory. I would feel like just cupping them with my hands and mouth but would control myself. What a scenario!!! Her breast size was 38. Hip was 30 and bums was also 38. So a bounty of a woman. I used to fantasize her. But did not make any moves.

We had a seminar at a hotel in the evening. She came too. During the seminar, she told me that she wants to talk to me after the seminar. I agreed. So after the seminar, everyone left. I was in the wash room and she left the hotel and came back after 15 minutes after everyone left. We sat in the lobby. She said that she dream of me. I would come nude and do many things to her. I was taken aback. I told her to control herself and if she needed any help, she could always count on me. I dropped her back near her house and left. But once I was back home, I masturbated thinking of how it would be to be naked with her.

A few weeks passed and three of us were on way from office to home. Rama, being a lady, she got in first into the auto. I got in next and my colleague got in last. After a while, my colleague got off. Only Rama & I were in the auto. My hand was behind her back. Since we now had more space, I moved a little bit away from her, but she moved closer to me. Due to the road conditions, my hand would touch her milk factory. I thought it a better option to remove my hand from behind. She said “no problem, keep it” I was surprised and aroused. I let my hand feel her boobs more often. Needless to say, I was having a hard on and enjoying myself.

Shortly, we reached her house and we had to end our pleasures there. But we decided to do it the next day again. Next day, I left office at around 5:30 PM. We met at 6 PM near office. Only the two of us and 45 minutes of travel ahead. I again put my hand around her back. My hand started touching her boob. I pressed it for some time and then taking advantage of the darkness, i slid my left hand into her blouse.

She was not wearing a bra. So my access to a world of ecstasy was easier. Her nipples were rock solid. Her boobs would not fit into one palm and I had two of them to enjoy. She moved her hand toward my cock, which was throbbing by then. She started to massage it. And then slid her hand into my pant. That was my first time some female had touched my cock. It was heavenly. But we could not do much beyond that. So we decided that I will arrange for a flat the coming Saturday.

Saturday being a half day, I left office by 12 PM and had a couple of beers. I took 2 more bottles with me. I had arranged for my friends flat 2 days before. So we met near office and took an auto to my friends place. We reached there in 15 minutes. We went into the flat and were very thankful to find an air conditioner. We washed and cooled off for a while. I put the beer bottles in the freezer. After 20-30 mins, we both got up.

Both of us were aware of what is going to happen and were very eager for it to happen. So I thought of having one more beer. Rama asked me what I was having. I gave her a sip and she wanted more of it. So I gave her the other bottle. We finished our beer together, sip by sip. We also exchanged beer with our mouths. I had not kissed a woman. It was lovely feeling the luscious lips that were hot and cold beer coming out of them. I massaged her boobs while kissing and she massaged my cock.

We spent almost 30 minutes in doing this. Once the beer was over, we knew it was time to fulfill our desires. I started undressing her. Removing the clip on her shoulder. Making her yellow saree drop down to her waist, revealing those massive boobs. She was breathing heavily and so was I. I lay her down and started to kiss her neck. I moved down to her cleavage which was pumping very heavily. Partly due to the excitement and partly due to the beer. I bit her neck as she hugged me tightly.

I could feel her boobs pushing me away and her hug holding me close to her. I slowly moved away from her and started to unbutton her yellow blouse. Her breathing got heavier, making it difficult for me to unbutton her blouse. But I was determined and as she had her eyes closed, I kissed her lips while unbuttoning. She was in frenzy. And finally, her blouse was unbuttoned. There was a picture I will behold my entire life. She was not fair, if fact dark skinned. And there she was in a black bra with skin to match.

The clothes covering her were her open blouse, bra and saree – half done. Her cleavage was much wider now. I started by licking her at her waist. Moving up slowly. She writhed in excitement. I started licking her cleavage. Darting my tongue in between her assets. She was in a frenzy as was I. I moved up to her lips, my body pressing her boobs and my cock against her pelvic area. I started sucking her ears. That drew her mad. She turned me over and started removing my shirt and pant.

Soon I was in my underwear with my cock peeping out of it. I unhooked her bra and her boobs were released. Hanging like huge grapes over my mouth. I started licking the around the nipples. I deliberately avoided the nipples to arouse her. Her nipples were very stiff. My tongue was all around it. She could not bear it any further and pushed her left nipple into my mouth. Upon which I started suckling it.

Both of us were thoroughly enjoying each other. I then got the two nipples together and started suckling them. She was just loving it as I was. After suckling for 10-15 minutes, we were both ready for the next stage. Both of us were quite exhausted, but did not want to stop anything short of total satisfaction.

She started removing my underwear till it came out of my body. She started stroking my red hot rod. I was at a very high level of excitement. I just lay on my back allowing her to play with my tool. My eyes were closed when I felt her move down. I raised my head and asked her what was she doing. She was shy and said nothing. I closed my eyes and laid back and told her she can do what she wanted to. In a few seconds, I could feel moistness on my cock. She was swallowing it as if she has been waiting for this for years. She was going up and gown my rod slowly and then increased the tempo. I was at a sexual zenith.

She was playing with my balls, tickling them and exciting me to high heavens. She kept doing this at a vigorous pace and I eventually squirted my semen into her. She still would let go of my cock from her mouth till my rod started shrinking. She got up with some semen leaking from her mouth and attached to my cock. It was a tremendous feeling. We kissed again for 5 minutes with me massaging her boobs.

In the meantime, my cock got firm again. I made her stand up and remove her saree. It did no take more than a minute. I undid her petticoat and it slid down like a free fall. There she was in her black panties. What a sight!

I started pulling her panties down, exposing her pelvic triangle with small amount of hair. She was standing and her pussy was a height just right for me to start licking it. But I made her lie down beside me. Starting from her toes, I started licking her upwards. I ensured that I had a lot of saliva that I could lick her with. I reached her knees and licked the back of her knees. She squirmed in pleasure. I moved further up to her thighs and she was shivering. I moved to the sides of her pelvic triangle.

Licking it all around. I moved further up to her naval when she could not control herself. She was now short of begging me to get inside her. But I had other plans. I wanted to arouse her further. I moved further up with my cock rubbing her hips. She tried to turn so that my cock with touch her pussy, but I held her down. Her eyes were closed waiting for me to put my rod into her. What I did instead was I squatted above her tummy, got both her boobs together and inserted my cock in between them.

She lifted her head up in surprise only to see a pink monster moving towards her and then away. We continued for about 10 minutes with a break in between. She was waiting for me to shoot my sperms onto her. She asked me to tell her when I am coming so that she can raise her head and open her mouth so that I can shoot my juice into her mouth. I have never seen anyone addicted to semen so soon. In some time I loaded my juice into her mouth. Of course, some semen fell on her neck, but she was satisfied. And so was I. Still, she had not enjoyed fully as her pussy was untouched.

I lay beside her for a while. I started playing with her boobs, made my way to her love handles, onto her naval and finally to her love lips. I played with her love lips for a while in which my rod got ready again. I inserted one finger into her love hole. I let the finger go as deep inside as possible. I was finger fucking her. Then I removed the finger partially and turned it such that I could reach her G spot. I started rubbing the G spot vigorously. She was screaming. I then put another finger into her love hole and they started pinching the lobes deep inside her pussy. She squealed.

I could now feel some juices from her pussy. I finger fucked her with two fingers till she almost reached an orgasm. Her pussy was very wet by now. I moved myself to her pelvic area. I started kissing her love lips. Sucking for the love juices. Kept darting my tongue in and out of her pussy. Then I inserted my nose into her pussy. She smelt great. After licking her for a while again, I asked her to come over me. That she did willingly. I inserted my rod into her. And she started pumping. I was playing with her boobs with my hand and mouth. I lifted my butt so that the penetration could hit the rough area.

She was loving it and so was I. As the pace increased, i was massaging her boobs more vigorously and also biting them occasionally. This went on for a while since I was coming for the third time in less than 45 minutes. She started pumping harder and I moved my butt is synchronization. I could feel her juices on my cock. This was a catalysts and I pushed harder and shot my cum into her. We stayed on each other and once my rod shrunk in her pussy, she started massaging it with her pussy. This was the best part. She kept on massaging it till my cock became still again. I was playing with her boobs and lips in the meanwhile.

I wanted more and she too did. So we thought of taking a shower together. We went to the bath room and were embraced in a lip lock with the cold water pouring on us. Her nipples were stiff as my rod was. Since her nipples were brushing against my chest and my rod was rubbing her tummy, I thought of a new position. She put her hands around my neck and I lifted her such that her legs were locked behind my butt. It took a couple of attempts to get into that position and insert my cock into her pussy, but we were finally there.

And that kind of penetration is rarely achieved. Though this was my fourth quota of semen expulsion, the pleasure was such that it took lesser time that the third time. And I am not sure if the quantity was more. Please let me have your comments.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


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