Hi to all reader I’m Vikky. here with my real incident with my sister in law. I am not a good writer so sorry for mistake first of all I would like to introduce myself. I’m 41years old from Delhi and like married lady I don’t believe in emotional relations except for my wife. I believe in fuck and forget and this real incident happened last year with my Salaj (wife of my wife brother her name is Suman (not real)

She has well shaped body and sexy curves. I don’t have any such intension for her before the birth of my younger son (5 years back). That time, I was in hospital on duty of my wife when she was admitted for delivery and Suman was also come to visit us with his friend for my wife’s care. I stay at hospital all the time and goes to home for morning refreshment. One of day I was sleeping in hospital room at a bench which was lying there near the cupboard.

In between suman came to hospital, she have to put some clothes in cupboard and goes there. My legs were at the side of cupboard. She open the cupboard my legs cum in between of her thighs. I awake at random. In this process I touch at her joint of thigh hardly I was embarrassed at that time but she moves ahead and nothing happened. But till that time my mind was thinking differently. I see her from other angle. After this incident I was hungry for her every time.

But could not get any chance to try further but last year once my wife wants to goes to her brother for Raksha Bandhan both visits there for 2 days. My brother in law and his wife welcome us my wife have brothers in relation in nearby village. She also wants to visit them. My brother in law suggests her to go village with him so that he could also meet them. My wife also like that time and they both leave me there with my Suman for around 4 hours.

I was more than happy on this incident after leaving them we sit for chit chat for some time after that she goes to kitchen for preparing the lunch. In between she called me to pick some Masala from upper self of kitchen. That this I was in sort only without any underwear and was horny for her. When I reach there she shows me the container which was on upper self straight to her head. But she did not move from there. I try to pick the container from behind her in this process my

Jr. was at 90 degree straight and touches her back slightly but till now I was naughty and goes forward to pick the container now my Jr. was poking at her ass hardly for some moment. I picked the container and gave to her at that time I could not understand what I have to say and also afraid for her reaction. I handover the container and leave the kitchen after some time she ask me for tea which I accept.

She prepares 2 cups of tea and we sit on dining table facing each other. We chit chat and zip our tea. In between my legs touch her leg accidently. I remove my leg from there immediately. But she smiled and don’t say anything I got courage and think to try my luck. After some time I again put my foot near her foot and once again our foot touch each other. But this time I didn’t come back. I just keep them there for some time and chit chat her.

After some time I again slip my foot forward and keep one foot between her legs. On this she did not remove her legs and I got courage. After some time I again keep forward and now my leg was in between her legs. After some moment I feel slight pressure on my leg by her legs. Now I was on ninth cloud. I was seeing my dream to come on real. Now I come forward and keep my knee in between her legs. Now we both have lust in our eyes.

Then she also pulls her chair forward and now my knee was touching her crotch it was enough for me now. I could not control myself push hard my knee. She was talking me with sexy smile. Now I pull her face with my hands on dining table and plant a lip kiss. She also responds for that. and we kiss for around 3 to 4 min. we were kissing hard and I smooch her boobs. Now we both were turned on. I pull her to bedroom kissing her neck.

By one hand I open her top I kiss her navel she jump on this, now I come to know that her naval is a weak point for her. I insert my tong inside her navel she was moaning loudly. Then I pull the string of her bottom and pull down, she also open my t shirt now I was in my sort only and she was in bra and panty she look sex goddess at that time. I keep kissing her legs and navel. Her panty was wet till then

Now I open her bra and seen her necked boobs wow! What was the seen I suck both of them hard around 25-30 minutes. Then I remove her panty and she removed my boxer. We both were in our birthday suit now. Then I come to her pussy and such hard. She was moaning loudly, I put my tong deep inside, she was vibrating to and fro on this I feel the movement of muscles of her pussy she push my head deeply and she cum after that she huge me hard.

Then I ask her is she satisfied she noded but I told her what about me? She smiled and pulls my Jr. and told she will welcome her guest. Now we go for missionary position and she guided my cock to her pussy hole. I push hard and my Jr. goes fully inside in once. She shouts me and said dheere kar matherchod. I listen that and my Jr. Jump immediately (I forget to tell u that I like such dirty words during sex.)

I told her Salaj roj roj nahi chudti hai na isliye intezaar nahi hua she smiled and I pull me cock back and once again push inside now we both enjoy and I was fucking her slowing first and then hard. She was on seventh heaven and told Jijaji aur jor se chodo apni salaj ko. Phad do meri choot apni kutiya bana lo mujhe. We fuck in this position for around 15 minutes. She came 2 times in between after that I was feeling pressure in my balls. I ask her is she in safe period?

She told yes cum inside after some time she again ready to cum and I also. We both came at same time and tired. I slept on top of her for 10 min. keeping my Jr. inside after that I saw time we around two and half hours was passed away and we have no much time. Then we goes to bath together and once again I fuck her there after that I got opportunity to fuck her 3 time. Once I also fuck her elder sister who visits her when I was there I will write them next time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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