Hi readers, I am Kiran, 29 and 5’-9”. I am from Hyderabad currently living in Singapore. This story is about how I fucked my ex girlfriend after her marriage. My ex girlfriend is a doctor now, working in Hyderabad. She was my girl friend in my schooling and college with a series of mis understandings and we had to bid goodbye to our relationship. Nothing really happened when we were in a relationship.when I joined in my first job and she got married to a divorcee.

I don’t the reason why she married a divorcee. After her marriage I was not in touch with her. Got setteld in my job, got married and now I am happy with my life. This is all happened because of the Facebook. One day I got a friend request from my ex girlfriend and I was surprised and accepted immediately. After few days, I saw her online and started chatting with her. We started discussing about our family life and proffesional life.

Somehow I felt like, she is not happy with her husband and sked her same question. She was silent for some time and replyed Yes! I tried to console her and explained her how I felt when she got married to another person. Even she was on the same track and she is also feeling bad for missing me. We continued our chat for a month time. She started showing interest in me; I stated calling her in my office timings. We were back to our olddays again.

In one of the chat sessions, I asked her can I make love to you answer was immediate. 'Yes, I was really happy and we planned it for, in my next visit to India. She was also very happy to know that, I still lover her. Finally finest and memorable day in my life came. Immediately after landig in India, I went to my Mother in law house was there for 1 day. My wife styed back at my MIL house and I started to my native place, which is very close to my girlfriend place.

I called her about my journey and enquired about her avilability. Her husband is a lawer and was out for some work. We have decided to meet at her house as wer were not comfortable meeting in a hotel since we born and brought up there. I went to her house with bit of guidnece over the phone, both of us were bit emotional after cing each other after a long time. I hugged her immediately and kissed her.

She maintained her figure very well. She is whitish and got very sexy figure. 34 30 36 and we had fruit juice together and moved to her bedroom, where her husband fucks her daily. That feeling gave me an instant hard on. I took the intiative and started kissing her and we had a very passionate kissing session for 10 mins. I pressed her boobs over her nightly. I was bit nervous, since her husband is not a govt employee, he can come in anytime and so we decided to make it fast and memorable both of us undressed in no time.

She was speechless for some time after cing my cock it is thick and long enough to make any cunt itchy. I pushed her on to the bed and climbed her, started squeezing her boobs while kissing. My cock was rock hard and pressing on her mound. Slowly moved to her pussy and started licking it. After sucking it for some time she grabbed my head and pulled to her face and she came on to me. She took my cock in her hand and started moving her hands.

I was in heaven and asked her to suck my cock (my wife never did taht to me) immediatly she took my cock head in her mouth and started suciking it. I never ever expected this in my life. A doctor suking my cock and that to she is my ex girlfriend. I was exicited like hell as we were in hurry, I pushed her on to the bed and spread her legs, weared condom and pused my cock in to her pussy and wow, what a feeling felt like it was made for me perfect fit slowly started moving

And she started moaning increased my pace, and started suking her boobs. I fuked her in taht position for some time and turned her for doggy style position. This is my favorite position. Wow wat a view best one can get in his life squeezed slapped her bums and entered her from back whole room was filled with our love sounds, fuked her like there is no tomorrow fucked her for 10 mins and discharged my cum.

I was exahusted and liad on her and after sometime we both got up and dressed ourslefs and moved to hall. We had one more round of fruit juiice and bid goodbye. After coming back to Singapore.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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